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Transform your life – achieve your goals

Based in East Sussex, Lydia runs Positive Creatures a life coaching and horse-assisted coaching business.

Life coaching can be transformational

  • Feeling uncertain about your job security due to Covid? Thinking it's time for a change? Lydia can help analyse your prospects and facilitate change
  • Stuck in a rut with your job and family commitments? Would you like to see how horse-assisted coaching can move you forward step by step to achieve some positive changes.
  • Worried about your lungs and your intermittent smoking, and what would happen if you caught the dreaded virus? Quit smoking with Lydia's guidance
  • Fed up with diets and then putting the weight back on? Lydia can help you see the whole picture, feel energetic and positive so the weight reduces naturally, gradually and permanently.

The Covid 19 pandemic has touched everyone

News Posted: 26 July 2019

For many there have been tragedies and for some worsening financial insecurity and unemployment. 

Posted by: Lydia

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How it works

You will then receive a free 15 minute online consultation to see if we are a good fit, and that what I offer is for you.

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Equine Coaching

Being with a horse and working with a horse can unlock repressed feelings and ideas.

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Life coaching

Life coaching can be transformational in helping people who feel stuck, burnt out and anxious about aspects of their lives.

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